Veiled attempt to ban Good News Club in Arkansas

BENTONVILLE — Benton County Prosecuting Attorney Nathan Smith last week cited public safety as one reason the Bentonville School District should allow a Christian program for kids to meet after school in district buildings.

Smith was one of several from the community who spoke at the June 18 School Board meeting on behalf of the Good News Club, which has met after school in some Bentonville elementary schools for more than 13 years. (Read more)

A school district in Arkansas is attempting to kill Good News Clubs in their area schools by placing an undue burden on them. There have been other lawsuits filed and won by Good News Club in other parts of the country. Liberty Council is already involved in this case, and the people of Benton County will likely have to insist on their rights being protected.


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Kentucky Schools to Teach the Bible

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDRB) — Public schools in Kentucky can soon teach reading, writing and the book of Revelation.

At the Capitol on Tuesday, Gov. Matt Bevin gave his public “Amen” to a bill allowing Bible courses in public schools.

Normally, a bill signing does not open with prayer, but in this case, it may have been appropriate. At a ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda, Bevin signed House Bill 128, which allows public schools to teach courses on the Bible.

The bill’s sponsor says students need to understand the role the Bible played in American history.

“It really did set the foundation that our founding fathers used to develop documents like the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights,” said Rep. D.J. Johnson (R-Owensboro). “All of those came from principles from the Bible.”

The bill, which easily passed the House and Senate, gives local school boards the option of developing a Bible literacy class as part of their social studies curriculum. The course would be elective, not required.

“The idea that we would not want this to be an option for people in school, that would be crazy. I don’t know why every state would not embrace this, why we as a nation would not embrace this,” Bevin told the crowd.

The ACLU of Kentucky said it’s concerned about how the law might be used in schools.

“A Bible literacy bill that, on its face, may not appear to be unconstitutional, could in fact become unconstitutional in its implementation,” said Advocacy Director Kate Miller.

Miller told WDRB News the ACLU will monitor the law closely.

“We want to make sure that teachers can teach and make sure that they don’t go in to preach,” Miller said.

Supporters point out that the state Department of Education will help schools develop the course.

“As long as we’re careful with the curriculum itself, there won’t be any constitutional issues,” Johnson said. “And we’ll do that.”

Bevin said the law should not even be controversial.

“You could be an atheist, and you would appreciate there’s a lot of wisdom in the Bible,” he said.

The Bible literacy bill and others passed by the General Assembly in the 2017 session take effect Friday, June 30.

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CEF Calling for Prayer for North Korea

Child Evangelism Fellowship® (CEF®) is calling on Christians worldwide, especially children, to pray that God will throw open the doors of North Korea to Good News Clubs (GNCs). Good News Clubs are illegal in North Korea; however, CEF has a strategy in place and is ready to enter the country with ministry when the doors open.

Children are meeting Jesus in over 74,000 Good News Clubs around the world, being discipled in the Word of God and getting connected with churches. But it is illegal to share the Gospel in North Korea. Pray that God will make a way for boys and girls in North Korea to learn about Jesus through Good News Club®. One day Good News Clubs will be meeting in North Korea and all glory will go to God. How encouraging it will be when children around the globe see how God answered their prayers for GNCs in this country!

The eyes of the world are on North Korea. “God has given me a strong burden to mobilize millions of boys and girls around the world to pray for the children in North Korea,” says Reese Kauffman, president of CEF. These children need, “to be able to attend a Good News Club and hear about Jesus.” Children in Ghana, Senegal, Cuba, USA, and all over the World are fervently praying for the children of North Korea. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14). God will make a way for boys and girls in North Korea to learn about Jesus through Good News Club.

Digital resources to encourage children in your church with the urgent call to pray for the children of North Korea are available upon request. For more information about Good News Club visit

Child Evangelism Fellowship is an international, nonprofit, Christian ministry that has been teaching the Bible to children since 1937. CEF has 400 offices in the USA and is organized in most nations of the world, with over 3,400 paid staff and hundreds of thousands of volunteers. In its last ministry year, CEF ministered to over 20 million children in its face-to-face teaching ministries.

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